hey im kash!! but u could also call me krisha or ash. i go by w any prns / bisexual / mbti type : intp-t / taurus / asian.

i also like..

LOMLS bts taehyung & jk / nct jaehyun & mark / got 7 jackson & bambam / svt mingyu & wonwoo
bp jennie & lisa / twice nayeon & momo / billie moon sua & kim haram / itzy ryujin & lia / aespa karina & ninging
kash loves!! hugs, animals, kids, watching, listening to music, my pets, my friends
kash hates!! any kind of toxicity, disrespectful mfs, creeps, bugs, pattern of holes
i ghost people then comes back like nothing happened, rants in my priv A LOT, will block u if im uncomfy, swears a lot, loves animals more than people

rude/toxic, hates dogs, u sexualise minors, misogynist, homophobic, racist, supports problematic artists, body shamer, face shamer, age shamer

casuals bgs

exo, ikon, ateez, treasure, the boyz

casuals ggs

everglow, gfriend, apink


ely, ish, cel, rain, abi, thea, star

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